Frequently asked questions

Below are some our most frequently asked questions

What is the signup process?
Click 'Sign up' and follow the instructions listed in the process box.

What type of leads will I get?
Leads are hand-picked based on your form submission.

How do you gain your leads?
A variety of sources including online, business startup events, partners and advertising.

How many leads will I receive?
You can opt for 1, 5 or 10 leads a month.

What information is provided within each lead?
Name, email address, telephone number and project details.

What are the average project budgets?
This is based on your selected plan, but generally anywhere between £500 and £5,000

Am I tied in to a long-term subscription?
No. You can cancel your plan at anytime by getting in touch.

What payment methods do you accept?
Bank transfer, standing order and invoice.

Can I select which territory leads come from?
Yes. You may select UK only or worldwide leads.

How we get you leads

We're not one for bidding wars, and nor should you be. Web design and development is a skill that deserves clients who appreciate the level of hard work that goes into building an online presence.

See us as an extended arm of your business; the lead generators sourcing suitable clients for your business.

Our team

We have a team of over 50 worldwide marketers, sales people, previous agency owners, networkers, business advisors and more. Through our combined network we receive endless requests from startups and SMEs requiring web design services. Working together as Team Diversity, we serve these businesses by finding suitable providers; you.

Little competition per lead

Every lead is analysed based on requirements. We then send these leads to designers suited to each project. We never send the same lead to more than 3 designers.

Full contact details provided

Every lead will contain the full contact details of the client; name, email address, telephone number and project requirements.

Signup process

It's important we get to know your business properly. To signup we require a simple email to with the below information.

About your services

1. Are you are a freelancer, design company or agency?
2. What is your minimum project fee?
3. What is your standard hourly rate?
4. Do you prefer UK leads only or worldwide leads?

Your chosen plan

1. Which plan do you require; Tester, Freelancer or Agency?

Once we receive your request we will invoice you and setup your account within 1 working day.

Have you read our FAQs?

The most frequent questions our clients have asked can often be found in our FAQ. Please only contact us below if your question cannot be found in our FAQ.

Contact details

For better assistance, please email us for sales or support enquires. We aim to respond to your equiry within 1 business day.

Telephone: +44 (0) 203 322 7262

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Guaranteed web design leads for one low monthly cost.

We're active lead generators with a focus on the design industry. 90% of our global team members have over 5 years experience working in the web design industry. In terms of marketing, we know what works, what doesn't and how hard it is to win clients.

Our no bullsh*t approach to lead generation means we get to know your company, how you work and your pricing point before we find you suitable clients. We're so confident in our approach that we offer a £9.99 monthly trial plan, allowing you to test the waters.

Web Designers

Clients are looking for web designers like you. We match the right projects with the right designers.

How we get you leads
Web Design Agencies

If you're a web design agency looking for frequent, more larger scale leads - we've got you covered.

How we get you leads

Pricing for Web Design Leads

We help web designers find clients. Choose how many leads you require per month or select our tester plan for one lead per month.

Tester Plan

Receive one "small project" lead a month
Leads received based on your criteria
Leads sent to just 3 designers, maximum

1 Lead Per Month

£100-£500 Budgets

Freelancer Plan

Receive five web design leads a month
Leads received based on your criteria
Leads sent to just 3 designers, maximum

5 Leads Per Month

£500-£2k Budgets

Agency Plan

Receive ten web design leads a month
Leads received based on your criteria
Leads sent to just 3 designers, maximum

10 Leads Per Month

£1k-£5k Budgets

Questions about our services?

We want to make answering your questions as easy as possible

Frequently asked questions

Before getting in touch, first please have a read through our comprehensive FAQ.

24/7 customer support

If you've read through our FAQs and still have questions, please contact us below.